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Founded in 2012-13, the ACEF program is organized by a team of professionals from India, Srilanka and UAE and is guided by the Advisory Members from Branding, Marketing and Creative Agencies based in India, US, Australia, Singapore, UAE and Srilanka. Our programs are focused on Customer Engagement Activities, Branding, Marketing, CSR, Rural Marketing, Properties (Hospitality & Real Estate), HR and are planned for India, Srilanka, GCC Continent and Asia Pacific Regions.

What is Our Goal?

To help professionals discover what solutions my fellow change managers have found helpful. Stay on current methods and tools. Network with colleagues and solution providers. To help in learning new trends, best practices and case studies, to get a better picture of where the industry is headed. ACEF Forums will feature in-depth discussions into the increasingly important "engagement" aspect of connection. It is one thing to know the customer and yet another to know how to engage each one of them.

Who Will Attend The Event:

    Enlightening Guest Speakers/Interactive Discussion/Functional Networking
    This Unique program is a must attend event for CMOs, VPs of marketing, brand and product managers, advertising agencies, innovative brand engagement practitioners, consumer insight professionals, researchers, agencies and more…

How ACEF Forum & Awards Will Benefit Your Business:

Generate Brand Recognition: The essential part of your company’s success is brand recognition, this is a reason why customers choose your business, and it encourages them to keep coming back. Awards assist your brands recognition by positively representing your business, and conveying that yours is the go-to company in your industry.
Generate Sales Growth: Winning awards can improve your prospects and customers vision of your business. ACEF awards will showcase your business’ level of expertise, allowing you to gain new sales, retain customers, and expand on current sales.
Boost Employee Moral: Employees love to be a part of a winning company, potential employees often make their employment decisions based on the community’s perception. Employees that are proud of their company’s accomplishments are far more likely to tell prospects and customers why you won your award making it a lot easier to gain a sale.
Obtain Third Party Endorsements: There is no reason to not take advantage of new endorsements from a most likely well known party. ACEF Customer Engagement awards allow your business to receive additional marketing that will help you to land new customers and networking opportunities with other great companies

Theme: "Integrating Advertising, Branding and Marketing Communications"

Suggested Topics

  • "Reinvent or Retreat"
  • "How to create brand in today’s digital era"
  • "Phygital StoryTelling To Build Brands"
  • "Engaging Customers Over Long Sales Cycle"
  • And more Suggestions are welcome.





Advisory Members


Anamika Sirohi

Vice President & Head of Marketing

Topic: Phygital StoryTelling To Build Brands

K. V. Sridhar (POPS)

Founder & CCO

Topic: Reinvent or Retreat

Ravikant Banka

Eggfirst - Building Beliefs

Topic: "How to create brand in today’s digital era"

Jayant Kshirsagar

Sr Director - Business Marketing
SAP India Pvt. Ltd.

Topic: Engaging Customers Over Long Sales Cycle


Sergio Spaccavento

executive creative director

KV Sridhar (POPS)

Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Hyper Collective

Pradeep Dwivedi


Vani Gupta

Leads Consumer Innovation Practice
Founder Member
Hypersonic Advisory (India)



Sujan Roy

Head-International Business, Passenger Vehicles
Tata Motors


Strategic Planning Director


Associate Professor & Chairperson
India Centre for Public Policy(ICPP)
Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH)

Bobby Mcgill

Founder and Publisher
Branding in asia

Tony Eades

Director of Brand Strategy

Avinash Oza

National Head-BTL Activation
Mahindra Tractors

Subhobroto Chakroborty


Venkat Mallik

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer
Tidal7 Brand and Digital

Vikram Parekh

HOD and Chairperson
SIESCOMS Centre for Alumni Relations

Our Past Supporting Partners


Our Team

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Agnel D'Souza

Project Director
ACEF Programs


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Tarun Wilson

Marketing Manager
ACEF Programs


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Akash D'Souza

Creative Designer
ACEF Programs

Smiley face

Shalini D'silva

Marketing Executive
ACEF Programs

Smiley face

Priscilla Mascarenhas

Marketing Executive
ACEF Programs

Smiley face

Mary John

Marketing Executive
ACEF Programs

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Akshay Pendurkar

Data analyst
ACEF Programs

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