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Founded in 2012-13, the ACEF program is organized by a team of professionals from India, Srilanka and UAE and is guided by the Advisory Members from Branding, Marketing and Creative Agencies based in India, US, Australia, Singapore, UAE and Srilanka. Our programs are focused on Customer Engagement Activities, Branding, Marketing, CSR, Rural Marketing, Properties (Hospitality & Real Estate), HR and are planned for India, Srilanka, GCC Continent and Asia Pacific Regions.

What is Our Goal?

ACEF provides savvy convenience industry marketers with information critical for understanding their target consumers. The Asia Pacific Customer Engagement Summit will feature in-depth discussions into the increasingly important "engagement" aspect of connection. It is one thing to know the customer and yet another to know how to engage each one of them. From traditional marketing methods to new and ever-changing viral marketing tactics, we will share strategies to capture sales from current customers and expand retailers' customer base among all generations. The most triumphant companies know that success is based upon aligning business strategies to meet the distinct needs of each targeted segment. If the customer wins, we all win.

Who Will Attend The Event:

    Enlightening Guest Speakers/Interactive Discussion/Functional Networking
    This Unique program is a must attend event for CMOs, VPs of marketing, brand and product managers, advertising agencies, innovative brand engagement practitioners, consumer insight professionals, researchers, agencies and more…

    Theme: Coming soon

  • "Customer Journey is still valid and needed to do."
  • "What is service blue print and how to apply."
  • "Strategy of excutig Omni Channel from someone who has applied it."
  • "The Customer Experience Digitalization journey and how to get
    there / why get there."
  • ...
  • And more Suggestions are welcome.





Advisory Members


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Executive Creative Director


Sergio Spaccavento

executive creative director

KV Sridhar (POPS)

Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Hyper Collective

Sujan Roy

GM - Corporate Strategy and Business Transformation
Tata Motors

Amitha Amarasinghe


Subhobroto Chakroborty

Chief Digital Officer

Tony Eades

Director of Brand Strategy

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Customer Engagement

Past Event: This year ACEF for Branding and Marketing received 282 entries and were contested by over 110 organisations

Winners for Branding and Marketing Winners for Rural Marketing Awards

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