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Main Category
(Campaigns executed Using various Mediums of Marketing)
Sub Category (Select SECTOR)
You can Add your sector if it is missing in the list
Digital Marketing Agriculture
Mobile Marketing Automobile
Radio Aviation
Print & Publishing BFSI
Television Construction Industry (Paint, Cement, Steel etc)
Out Of Home Media Consumer Durables and Home Appliances
Rural Marketing eCommerce
Retail Touch Points and Merchandising Health and Wellness
Events Hospitality Industry
BTL Activities Office Automation
Online Media Pharma
Influencer Marketing Real Estate
Word of Mouth Marketing Retail
Non Traditional Media Service Industry
Data Driven Marketing Travel & Tourism
Email Marketing Telecom
Customer Service
Experiential Marketing
Social Media App
AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered engagement
Most Admired Social Message
CSR Activity

Social Media

Main Category Sub Category (Social Media Platform)
Best Social Media Content Facebook
Whatts App

Capability Categories

Capability Award Categories
Best Brand loyalty Marketing Campaign Excellence in Launch Marketing
Excellence in Brand Awareness Excellence in Shopper Marketing
Excellence in Brand Strategy Most Admired B2B Marketing
Excellence in Brand Management Most Admired B2C Marketing
Most Admired Branded Content Integrated Marketing Communications
Most Admired Brand Activation Campaign Excellence in Corporate Reputation
Most admired campaign for Brand Revitalization Excellence in Customer Experience
Most Admired Brand Marketing Across Asia Excellence in Digital Transformation
Most admired Not for Profit Marketing Campaign Best Use of Data & Research
Marketing Performance Measurement Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market Research
Excellence in Partner Marketing Excellence in Media Strategy
Most effective use of Sponsorship and Event Marketing Excellence in Customer Service Strategy

Grand Prix Categories

Grand Prix Award ( Organisation Categories)
Most Admired Marketing Agency for Customer Engagement Most Admired Regional Television Channel for Customer Engagement
Most Admired Advertising Agency for Customer Engagement Most Admired Regional OOH Media Agency for Customer Engagement
Most Admired Regional Newspaper for Customer Engagement Most Admired Online Media for Customer Engagement
Most Admired Regional Radio Channel for Customer Engagement Most Admired Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year
Most Admired Customer Engaged Brands (Different Sectors)

Individual Categories

1. Customer Engagement Champion of the Year: This award celebrates an individual who has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, creativity, and results in driving customer engagement initiatives. The winner exemplifies a deep understanding of customer needs, effective communication, and the ability to foster lasting relationships.  

2. Innovator in Customer Engagement: This award recognizes an individual who has introduced groundbreaking and innovative strategies to enhance customer engagement. The winner showcases a creative mindset, embraces emerging technologies, and has successfully transformed customer interactions.   

3. Customer Experience Visionary: This award honors an individual with a forward-thinking approach to customer engagement and experience. The winner demonstrates a deep understanding of customer journey mapping, touchpoint optimization, and the ability to create seamless and memorable experiences.   

4. Customer Feedback Catalyst: This award acknowledges an individual who has shown exceptional skills in gathering and leveraging customer feedback to drive improvements. The winner demonstrates the ability to turn feedback into actionable insights that enhance products, services, and overall customer satisfaction.   

5. Social Media Engagement Leader: This award celebrates an individual who has excelled in engaging customers through social media platforms. The winner demonstrates effective communication, responsiveness, and the ability to turn social interactions into meaningful relationships.   

6. Data-Driven Engagement Specialist: This award recognizes an individual who uses data analytics and insights to create personalized and effective customer engagement strategies. The winner showcases a keen understanding of customer behavior, segmentation, and targeted engagement tactics.   

7. Multichannel Engagement Expert: This award honors an individual who has mastered the art of engaging customers across various channels, both digital and traditional. The winner demonstrates the ability to create consistent and compelling experiences across diverse touchpoints.   

8. Customer Service Excellence Ambassador: This award celebrates an individual who consistently goes above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service. The winner demonstrates empathy, problem-solving skills, and a commitment to resolving customer issues promptly.   

9. Community Engagement Leader: This award recognizes an individual who has made a significant impact in building and nurturing customer communities. The winner fosters a sense of belonging, encourages meaningful discussions, and promotes knowledge sharing among customers.   

10. Lifetime Achievement in Customer Engagement: This prestigious award honors an individual with a remarkable career dedicated to customer engagement. The winner has left a lasting legacy in creating positive customer experiences, driving customer loyalty, and contributing to the field of customer engagement.

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