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In the past few years the field of marketing has shifted significantly from a field of branding and awareness where success was measured by vague measurements like how a customer felt about your brand to a scientific field based on precise metrics and optimizations and insane levels of tracking your customers. Even CEOs and business owners are catching on to the fact that there is a wealth of data available for each and every marketing tactic you pursue and the availability of that data can drastically change how you approach your marketing.

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Airbnb & the art of analytics storytelling!

I realise that analytics and data are transforming companies around the world. Yet one of the great difficulties with analytics is that it can be difficult to explain and understand; it is widely held that analytics specialists don’t communicate well with decision makers, and vice-versa. As a result, analytics adoption is still not easy within companies.

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Low Organic Engagement on Facebook for Your Brand? Here’s Why!

I recently saw a Sri Lankan Facebook community page with 50,000 fans reaching up to 600,000 people organically. Yes, I saw it right. Not a single cent was spent on boosting this post. Other than this post, the same page had many more posts with organic reach up to 20,000 people in some occasions (more than 40% of it's fan base). An average post on this page reaches up to 15% of its fan base.

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