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Our 3rd screen is behaving like Reddit “The Front Page” of Mobile!

On an average, Indian mobile consumers have 5 to 8 screens on their smart phones. The number keeps growing as they keep downloading more apps. Utility apps, food delivery, taxi booking, movie tickets, games, music, fashion, grocery, health... The list never seems to end.

But, the reality is that any mobile user won’t be able to recollect even half of the apps they have. So, why do we download them and never bother to use them later?

Now all of us are facing 2 common things: Firstly, we cannot find the apps that we are looking for most of the time. Secondly, most of the apps keep asking for updates every month. With more than 100+ apps on our phone, each page carries around 20 to 24 apps this often becomes quite irritating. to manage. Sometime we get surprised when we realize “Oh! I still have this app on my phone”.
Like the Reddit of the mobile screen, we always keep dragging / pushing the most important apps on our first page leaving the rest on the back. The accepted ones are given priority and soon we stop updating the unwanted apps, we eventually delete them to clear phone memory and improve device performance.
Now, Brands spend a lot to make us download their apps, they even do on ground events for this purpose. So, the question is "how to make apps stay on the Front page of mobile device?"
1. The app needs to communicate useful notifications.
2. The app must use other platforms to create attention and bring users back again on the app. For example, shopping apps send emails that bring you to the mobile app. They also send SMSs to catch your attention with links to again hook you to open your app.
3. Few apps even send you those “missing you” messages, if you don’t visit them for a long time.
4. Like email marketing is subject to A/B tests, apps can also send emotional hooks that make the user come back to the app.
5. Offer or Coupons are also used to woo the old users again.
6. We often see reviews about what other people are doing in that app, to make you realize that your friends are using the particular app and you are missing out on the same.
7. Many brands introduce new features, new themes, stickers, recommendations, etc. to attract people.
Even the dating apps are facing this same syndrome. Users are ruthless if the app is not engaging. They will remove you and will never want to see your app again.

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