Most admired brand

The most admired brand should showcase the following 3 variables:
• Mind Share: indicates a brand's strength inside the minds of the consumers/clients/end users of the respective product category
• Market Share : shows a brand's strength in a certain market in terms of consumers' actual buying behavior
• Commitment Share: indicates a brand's strength in encouraging consumers to buy that brand in the future

Entry criteria:
• Background: outline the challenge you faced and how did the organization/brand overcome it (you may wish to include information such as your market(s), customer(s), competition, insights developed, stakeholders, etc.)
• Aims and objectives of the initiatives.
• Strategy and how it has been implemented.
• Measurable results and evidence of the positive impact on the business.
• Customer expectations and how they were met or exceeded.
• CSR activity done by the organization (If Any)
• Recognition/Awards received by the Brand/Organisation (If any)
• Provide a brief description of your brand or services and include why you feel it deserves recognition by ACEF

Write-up (1000 words can be in PPT or word format) & relevant Supportives to be uploaded on Google Drive (The link should be in public sharing mode) and the link to be included in the nomination form in the relevant column. Reference Material URL (YouTube) (If any) can be included as supportives for the award entry.

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